About Me

I'm a professional designer from Austria working in the fields of Graphic and Motion Design. For several years now I've been able to work in various parts of the industry and with talented people who continuously motivate me to push my boundaries.
Currently I am employed at WEST4MEDIA in Vienna developing creative solutions and moving content for TV, film and web. In my spare time I love sports and the outdoors, travelling and catching those moments with one of my analogue or digital cameras.


short CV

+ born and raised in Austria
+ graduated from Univ.oASc Hagenberg, Upper Austria
+ holding a BSc. in Media Technology & Design
+ interned at Yukfoo Animation Studio in Auckland, NZ
+ worked for seso media group
+ travelled parts of asia, oceania, north & central america, north africa & europe
+ into running
+ love snowboarding, surfing, climbing, yoga
+ holding a diploma in photography
+ currently working for WEST4MEDIA